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Ryzom: Replacing templates with Python Components

Django + Snowpack How To = djsnowpack

django-autocomplete-light 3.8.0 release


yourlabs django decision

pyfront: Meteorish django responsive frontend

how django front end validators works

asgi-30 aeracode

Django & JS research report

nerdocs gdaps

tri.form: ALternative to Django forms

Automatic test rewrite for django-dbdiff/django-responsediff/cli2

djcli 1.1 screenshot

crudlfap live example on replit

Django webpack loader

djcli: cli crud for django demo


factory dry patterns crudlfap documentation

jet back office totally ready to run your

crudlfa 0.5.0 g drive ish design

clilabs 1.1.1 release

djcli: the new Django automation CLI command

Extreme devops

Django tests that write themselves

Django collectdir

django-autocomplete-light 3.3.2 release

django-autocomplete-light 3.3.1 release

djcall 0.0.5 release

Django-autocomplete-light 3.3.0 release

yourlabs django uwsgi spooler

django 2.1 released

nagare integrated development environment nagare


Put a nextjs server in front of django

open source software djnext

Screenshots from a backoffice using crudlfa+

indietypdjango automated logging

still finishing crudlfa framework for django 2.0

deploying scalable django app on kubernetes

CRUDLFA+ 0.3 Series



Django adapters

Model in Django: not what you think they are


django-adapters audit writeup

Djangonauts: Say no to selenium drug

Django settings refactoring apps

django-dbdiff 0.7.3 release

get_context_data() considered harmful

Getting generic views to support “fake” models

YourLabs Business Service is born

What does the CRUDLFA+ acronym stands for ?

django==2.0a1 released

CRUDLFA+ 0.1.1 Video Demo

Rethinking Django’s URL Router

DAL 3.2.6 Release

django-autocomplete-light 3.2.4

django-autocomplete-light 3.2.3 release

DAL 3.2.2: Django 1.11 support

Welcome Erik Telepovský as new release manager for django-session-security

django-session-security 2.5.0 release

Django: status of 1.11

Django-autocomplete-light 3.2.0 release

django-responsediff 0.7.1 released

yourlabs-security mailing list

django-session-security 2.4.0 release

django-responsediff 0.7.0 release

django-autocomplete-light 3.1.7 release

django-cities-light 3.3.0 release

DAL 3.1.6 release

django-autocomplete-light 3.1.5 release

django-autocomplete-light 3.1.3 release

django-dbdiff 0.6.0 release

django-autocomplete-light 3.1.2 release

Porting ModelForm enhancements from django-autocomplete-light v2 to Django

django-autocomplete-light v3: what’s going on

django-responsediff 0.3.0

django-jet: modern admin template

django-autocomplete-light 3.0.0 release

Syntax highlighting for Django’s SQL query logging

django-autocomplete-light 2.3.3 release

Automatic fixtures for HTTP Response assertions

django-autocomplete-light 2.3.0 release

Django database testing

django-cities-light 3.2.0 release

django-session-security 2.3.x releases

Django 1.9 support for Django-autocomplete-light

django-autocomplete-light 2.2.0 release

django-autocomplete-light 2.2.0rc1 release notes

django-cities-light 3.1.0 release

Speed up your travis-ci builds with container based infrastructure

yawd-admin: brilliant django admin responsive theme

Django 1.7 Release !

django-cities-light 2.3.1 released

Django 1.7 new feature: AppConfig

RuntimeError: Failed to shutdown the live test server in 2 seconds. The server might be stuck or generating a slow response.

Django 1.5.4 security release

Using bootstrap and less css in django

Automatic updates for commits made with GitHub code editor

New cool django-admin themes

Django 1.7 might have schema alteration super powers

Partition your data with django-parting

Django security releases: 1.5rc2, 1.4.4, 1.3.5 source code is now open !

Using to test Django applications with LiveServerTestCase

django-smarter: the CRUD app I've been waiting for

django-rules-light 0.0.6: now with template tag

django-autocomplete-light: upcoming backward compatibility breaks

Bootstrap, lesscss and django

Django 1.5 RC (Release Candidate) is out !

Django admin probably going bootstrap, maybe completely rewritten ?

Django security release

Django development: possible change of the .save() implementation

Django & DBAs: "Performance problems due to incorrect many-many primary key on many tables"

Django & ajax: how to reverse urls in javascript (not)

Testing django signals properly

Surviving django.contrib.staticfiles (or: how to manage static files with django)

django-autocomplete-light 1017 released

Never hardcode absolute paths

How to see exception stacktraces with django LiveServerTestCase

Django schema migrations: nashvegas vs. South vs. evolution

Coding standards for Django apps: names

Django generic relations and performances: solutions

Howto: javascript popup form returning value for select like Django admin for foreign keys

How to override a view from an external Django app

Django, Pinax, virtualenv, setuptools, pip, easy_install and requirements.txt

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