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django-responsediff 0.3.0

| by jpic | python django best-practice django-responsediff

django-responsediff 0.3.0 has been released !

It now also checks the status_code, and has a cute mixin:

    from responsediff.test import ResponseDiffTestMixin

    class MixinTest(ResponseDiffTestMixin, test.TestCase):
        def test_admin(self):

The above will fail on the first time with FixtureCreated to indicate that it has written responsediff/tests/response_fixtures/MixinTest.test_admin/{content,status_code}.

This file is meant to be added to version control. So next time this will run, it will check that response.status_code and response.content is the same, in future version, or in other configurations (ie. py35, py27, pypy, etc …).

Enjoy !

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