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pytest superfixture design pattern

| by jpic | python pytest
pytest is an awsome Python Test framework which starts over from a clean slate instead of following the xUnit pattern. Instead of: class YourTestSuite(unittest.TestCase): def setUp(self): self.some_stuff = YourThing() def test_delete(self): self.some_stuff.delete() self.assertFalse(self.some_stuff.exists()) We do: @pytest.fixture def some_stuff(): return YourThing() def test_delete(some_stuff): some_stuff.delete() assert not some_stuff.exists() A couple of advantages are worth noting: the fixture is not created in every test we also win one indentation level which is pretty cool! Read More

Ryzom: Replacing templates with Python Components

| by jpic | python django ryzom
Why? Because while frameworks like Django claim that “templates include a restricted language to avoid for the HTML coder to shoot themself in the foot”, the GoF on the other hand states that Decorator is the pattern that is most efficient for designing GUIs, which is actually a big part of the success encountered by frameworks such as React. What? Ryzom basically offers Python Components, with extra sauce of bleeding edge features such as “compiling Python code to JS”, and “data binding” which is “DOM refreshes itself when data changes in the DB” if you enable websockets. Read More

New Sponsorship Round

| by jpic | oss philanthropy
As you know, YBS is commited to contribute to defending OSS and OSS hackers. As this becomes more and more visible, I am pleased to announce today that we are now sponsoring famous Open Source hackers: Eric Steven Raymond Ned Batchelder Derick Rethans Jannis Leidel Thank you all deeply for your contributions. They complete the long list of YBS sponsors, which I hope to centralize somewhere one day :) Have a great day Read More

Shlax Container Image Builder: Preview

| by jpic | devops docker docker-compose ansible podman buildah
In a world where Dockerfiles, docker-compose.yml files, ansible files, and others compete for my attention against tech debt in projects that become a bit complex: I decided to make a Python micro framework to make it as nice to build an infra as I think it is to build a CRUD with Django. Shlax is meant to be a multi purpose automation framework, where logic to acheive a certain state can be easily shared accross container building, host provisioning, infrastructures with virtual systems and networks. Read More

Django + Snowpack How To = djsnowpack

| by jpic | django webpack snowpack javascript python html css sass
Snowpack is the fastest and easiest way ever to benefit from npm and imports in frontend code without going full SPA. What this does MUCH faster frontend development ! Elected Productivity Booster OS Award 2020, Snowpack is a frontend builder with a startup time of 50ms, which typically can be 30s in a typical Webpack project. Change your CSS or JS and your Django page will reload ! Changing a frontend file will typically not cause a Django view reload because Django doesn’t want to provide JS by default: djsnowpack provides a solution for that. Read More

django-autocomplete-light 3.8.0 release

| by jpic | django-autocomplete-light python django

WARNING 3.8.0 did not contain the proper built JS, please use 3.8.1 that was just released.

Django-autocomplete-light 3.8.0 was released, and features all your contributions of the year, and tested with a pre-release for the last 3 months or so.

It promises to fix all your JS loading issues, but comes at the price of a small backward compatibility breaks affecting users with custom init functions. If unsure: you probably don’t have any and the upgrade should just work for you.

As you will see, this is a pretty big release, we’ll also briefly talk about the future of django-autocomplete-light in this post.

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| by jpic | python django crud iommi crudlfap best-practice framework
This post describes how I feel Django could be even more awesome to use out of the box ! 1. Non admins ? The problem is pretty obvious: Django admin provides barely anything that’s usable for non-admin, not even working base templates and sane default features such as searchable lists with some kind of row level security. 2. No templates ? For your internet users, Django only generates basic HTML forms without even a default template that calls {{ form }} and {{ form. Read More

cli2: Dynamic CLI for Python objects

| by jpic
Break free from the POSIX standard for more fluent CLIs, by exposing simple Python functions or objects with a minimalist argument typing style, or building your own command during runtime. For me, it’s in between google/python-fire, microsoft/knack, and Django. Demo Before becoming a generic CLI framework, back 10 rewrites prior to the latest release, cli2 was supposed to just bring Python callables on the CLI without even a single line of code: Read More

Practice of eXtreme DevOps Demo @ Traefik Online Meetup

| by jpic

How weak is a Continuous Deployment when you can’t just deploy the master branch to production at any time? Merging unfinished patches to publish them on a staging deployment blocks production deployment of the master branch…

eXtreme DevOps is the practice of an extremely aggressive Continuous Delivery strategy where each patch push deploys an ephemeral deployment such as Of course, this would be quite hard to achieve with configuration files, even with NGINX and Ansible.

But, with Traefik it becomes so easy that we couldn’t resist and make it the standard practice for all our developments, from private companies of all sizes, and to government organizations. In this session, James demos and discusses his expertise using Traefik to practice eXtreme DevOps for his customers.

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