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YourLabs maintains over 50 free softwares, of which the most popular, used by banks, governments, insurances, Big Tech and freelances over the world, benefits from over a million downloads per yer and hundreds of contributions.

Check the full catalog on GitHub and GitLab.


BigSudo is a lightweight free software to automate deployment.

  1. bigsudo yourlabs.ssh @host secures your SSH server, compliant with Mozilla Defense standards,
  2. bigsudo yourlabs.traefik @host depoys an automatic HTTPS server, compliant with Mozilla Defense standards
  3. bigsudo yourlabs.compose @host deploys the project in which you are the hero !


CRUDLFA+ is an MVC CRUD library featuring a smart design pattern to support granular permission code in a particularely elegant manner.

Based on the brilliant Django framework, which offers the best iterative velocity thanks to its fantastic features such as ORM and migrations on an object oriented language particularily designed for introspection and readability: Python.


Ryzom is a pur Python components library leveraging isomorphic transliteration to export Python callbacks to JavaScript and offering data-binding such as the Meteor framework.

Templates, your glory didn’t survive the new wave of “Full Stack” !


Softwares we sponsor include: Python, Django, Transcrypt, Django-AllAuth

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