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django-autocomplete-light 3.1.5 release

| by jpic | django python django-autocomplete-light

This release enables field-forwarding in formsets and forms with prefix.

Also note that several things have been made to help users: a new tutorial section showing placeholder and minimum-input-length select2 options has been added and a system check will raise an error if select2’s js is not present - typically for users who have git clone’d the repo without --recursive, resulting in a wc without select2.

For devs, we’ve moved from django-sbo-selenium to pytest+splinter and it’s pretty cool !


  • #661: Field forwarding: support form prefix, and formsets at the same time.
  • #628: Improve option rename hook used until the patch is merged upstream in select2.
  • #656: Use http.JsonResponse() to return json by @guettli
  • #638: System check for dal_select2 to raise an error if select2 is not available.
  • #662: Examples for setting placeholder and minimum input length options in select2.
  • #619: From django-sbo-selenium to pytest+splinter.

Enjoy !

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