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django-autocomplete-light 2.3.0 release

| by jpic | python django django-autocomplete-light

#536 At this point, proxy model support is untested, this is because I intend to refactor the test suite and documentation during the 2.3.x serie.

#494 Updating the queryset from outside the autocomplete class may lead to a security problem, ie. if you don’t replicate filters you apply manually on the autocomplete object choices into choices_for_request() then a malicious user could see choices which they shouldn’t by querying the autocomplete directly. 3.0.0 will have automatic widget and / or field (in cases like gfk/gm2m) registration to the view like in django-select2 using queryset.query caching which would resolve that use-case.

It’s a pretty big release and I waited a while because I wanted all contributors to benefit from it and work on the same codebase instead of privileging one to another, not sure if it was the best way, let me know !

Note that 2.3.1 was released right away as 2.3.0 was missing static files.

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