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django-cities-light 3.2.0 release

| by jpic | python django django-cities-light

django-cities-light 3.2.0 was released, supporting Django 1.7 to 1.9 now, even though older versions should still work, they aren’t tested anymore.

  • #105: Drop LazyProgressBar, patch was accepted upstream by Max Arnold,
  • #104: Better feature code filtering by Max Arnold and Michael Gulev,
  • #100, #96: The mystery about migrations appearing in some environments but not others has been solved: it was due to the presence of b'' in migration files. A new test was added to fail if django wants to create new migrations in any environment.
  • Phone number was required to create a country, it’s not anymore.
  • Support Django 1.7 to 1.9, thanks Georgy Kutsurua for helping,
  • Support for 1.7 will drop when 1.10 is released, unless someone contributes compatibility in cities_light options declaration,
  • Bugfix in import: some search names would not be generated in some cases due to unpredictability of the iteration order on translation_data.items()
  • Test with django-dbdiff are much faster than importing the whole data
  • Tox for testing, coverage

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