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Django admin probably going bootstrap, maybe completely rewritten ?

| by jpic | django

It seems that django admin revamp discussions started again.

Last year, I sent a letter to santa asking for 12 transformers with super laser powers. I waited nicely and then received a little playmobil.

So, here’s my letter to santa this year:

  • admin css must be in lesscss too, ie. you could override variables.less,
  • widgets that are usable outside the admin should not be in django.contrib.admin, ie. the bootstrap-calendar widget should be usable outside the admin too,
  • ChangeList should be decoupled, and even refactored into 2 separate modules: one for table display like django-tables2 and one for queryset filtering,
  • for models with lots of fields, tabs are a must in the form,
  • views and urls should be “normal”, have a fixed name and arguments instead of name generation,
  • detail view and “read” permission support,
  • per object and per field CRUD permissions,

They trust us