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django-cities-light 2.3.1 released

| by jpic | django python django-cities-light

django-cities-light 2.3.1 was released:

  • #42 added FAQ: Some data fail to import or don’t import like I want, how to skip them ?
  • #45 django-rest-framework support update by @almalki.
  • #49 Added country_items_pre_import and region_items_pre_import by @mauricioabreu.
  • #51 Slug should be used in unique_together along with name.
  • #51 Skip duplicate cities with no regions
  • #52 Added FAQ on MySQL and UTF-8
  • #53 Country phone prefix support by @csarcom
  • Forms update.

It is backward compatible and has migrations: don’t forget to run:

./ migrate cities_light
./ cities_light  # for phone column to fill up

They trust us