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django-autocomplete-light 3.3.1 release

| by jpic | python django django-autocomplete-light

Thanks to awesome contributors from all around the world, DAL 3.3.1 is out, one month after 3.3.0, that was the first non-rc release of 3.3.0 which starts to require Django 2.0.


  • Fixed a bug in the way jquery.init.js was being used by @coredumperror
  • Set select2 container CSS class to :all: @hbielenia
  • Added missing renderer parameter to render method for django 2.1 @monim67
  • Fix ImportError with SELECT2_TRANSLATIONS in Django 1.x @hugorodgerbrown
  • Forward argument should always be a tuple @jihoon796
  • Fixed exception thrown from Select2QuerySEtView when paginate_by is set @coredumperror

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