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djcli: the new Django automation CLI command

| by jpic | python django devops

djcli is the package , a new CLI under design phase, it is a simple python package, that provides a command with name djcli, to do more with Django on the CLI:

$ pip install djcli

find the content for this variable in your project

$ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=your.settings

you will probably run this from your directory parent to

$ djcli create auth.user username=pony is_superuser=1

i just checked and chpasswd command in django supports only interactive

$ djcli chpasswd /path/to/password username=pony

supports stdin too with -

$ echo yourpassword | djcli chpasswd - username=pony

find stuff:

$ djcli list auth.user username is_superuser | pk | username | is_superuser | | 1 | pony | True | | 2 | ninja | False |

and filter

$ djcli list auth.user username is_superuser=true | pk | username | is_superuser | | 1 | ninja | True |

count supports filters too

$ djcli count is_superuser=true 1

delete stuff, would be nicer with –noinput

$ djcli delete auth.user username=pony –noinput 1

you can use other models

$ djcli create name=‘awesome site’

Why not add it to INSTALLED_APPS ?

Because automation software should be automatically made available in an automated way.

Don’t listen to people who tell you otherwise :D

Why is it not available as management command ?

Because we need to break out of the framework’s inversion of control to make such a rich user experience from the command line: with dynamic options.

Do you have crazy ideas ?

Always, why not being able to run a forms on the command line given a dotted import path, both in interactive, and non interactive mode ?

Or, why not provision a model from a file tree of YAML files to replace loaddata ?

Last time I needed those features, I passed, but it’s over now.

When is stable release ?

Nobody cares about the stable release of djcli, not even me.

They trust us