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Django-NextJS Isomorphic UI Development with Decorator pattern for Django with: - nextjs out of the box experience for frontend development, - rendering of nextjs pages with context in Django with NextJS template engine. For fun & profit ## Run the example project Run this commands as non root:: git clone cd djnext pip install –user –editable .[dev] yarn install djnext watchstatic # maintains nextjs pages/ directory for yarn dev yarn dev # run localhost:3000 djnext dev # run localhost:8000 ## Choose NextJS page template in Django Example project lives in src/djnext_example, see src/djnext_example/artist/ CreateView.as_view( model=Artist, fields=[‘name’], success_url=reverse_lazy(‘artist_list’), template_name=‘create.js’, ) The template backend you added will make a request to the nextjs server you have on port 3000 with yarn dev. ## Watchstatic command Run your watchstatic or yourproject watchstatic if your project has an entrypoint. This will watch static/ directories of all apps in INSTALLED_APPS, and build static_root/ directory. Also, it creates a symlink from static_root/pages to pages/, so that yarn dev will find it. On port 8000 we don’t yet have auto frontend code reload, but you have it on port 3000 wit h watchstatic running at the same time. ## Install in your project Add to ‘djnext’ to INSTALLED_APPS, add dict(BACKEND='djnext.Backend') to TEMPLATES. .. note:: To have the dev command, add crudlfap to INSTALLED_APPS. ## About This project was made possible thanks to Thomas Binetruy, frontend engineer intervening as pair programing on this R&D; project for a long time now ;) With LOVE from POITOU CHARENTE ∞

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