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Use npm install -g in ~/.local non-root


Podman: the next generation of linux container

playlabs: 30 seconds overview

PlayLabs: the Obscene Ansible Distribution, long version

containers buildah

Building docker images without docker

Building better containers: A Survey of Container Build Tools

niieanibash oo framework

Unattended LXD setup

Scripted Cache AnyThing - HTTPS included - in Python with mitmproxy

Scripted MITM AnyThing in Python with mitmproxy

YourLabs Arch Linux Package Repository

Speed up your travis-ci builds with container based infrastructure

Install Arch Linux on a dedicated server via Ubuntu Live

SSH Kung Fu

Fun with debugging symbols

GDB debugging basics

Strace basics

Better manual reader with most: the slang-pager

Bash interactive scripting basics

Better git log

Drupal 7 with nginx and uwsgi-php example configuration

First 5 Minutes Troubleshooting A Server

PostgreSQL for beginners: Initial configuration

Intel's 6-year-late copy of PaX's UDEREF (Sep 7 2012)

Linux 3.8 was released on Mon, 18 Feb 2013.

OpenVim interactive online guide to Vim

Alarm script that wakes up your laptop from hibernation: proof of concept

Microsoft looking to release Office for Linux in 2014

Manage your bash aliases in the cloud in the cloud

Desura: awesome open source multiplatform Steam alternative for indie games

Distro-agnostic craftman’s guide to python environment management

Disk space WTF

They trust us