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CHIP: a python's functional implementation of ReactJS

| by jpic | python best-practice

Python’s functional implementation of ReactJS, fast moving and very promising, by YourLabs Dev Team ! Thomas Binetruy has taken over jpic’s PoC of React in Python, which I’ve also seen an implementation attempt in the v2 branch of django-material. This is part of the milestone of migrating from MaterializeCSS to Material Design Components Web in CRUDLFA+. But know that YourLabs has never released any Django form rendering plugin so far. It never appealed to me, but with this thingie we’re entering that game. Right now it seems like “at last” there is a great tool to metaprogram JS, and this could even completely replace the need for ReactJS, and have components communicate between each other both on the server and client. We’ll push tests with the python-webpack-loader and things like that until we reach the point where we want to feature freeze. Will let you know when we release 1.0, but we are not sure were to stop as we move forward in the implementation. With LOVE

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