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Jedi-vim/rope takes too long

| by jpic | python vim

For those using jedi-vim are indirectly using rope refactoring library.

If you are also using a home-level virtualenv ie. in ~/env/ then your vim instance might take crazy long time.

First things first, rope creates a .ropeproject directory where it thinks the project root is. And it will scan every file in every sub directory. A quick and dirty solution is to create empty .ropeproject folders lower in the $HOME filesystem. Rope will automatically use this folder if it finds no other .ropeproject folder at a lower level.

But, if you want a home-level .ropeproject, then you should configure ~/.ropeproject/ It is well commented, you might end with something like this:

# Custom source folders:  By default rope searches the project
# for finding source folders (folders that should be searched
# for finding modules).  You can add paths to that list.  Note
# that rope guesses project source folders correctly most of the
# time; use this if you have any problems.
# The folders should be relative to project root and use '/' for
# separating folders regardless of the platform rope is running on.
# 'src/my_source_folder' for instance.
prefs['source_folders'] = ['env/src']

# You can extend python path for looking up modules
prefs['python_path'] = '/home/jpic/env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/'

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