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Pass RTFM 304 27

A fresh approach to autocomplete implementations, specially for Django. It supports templated autocompletes, foreign key, many to many, generic foreign key, generic many to many, autocompletes that depend on each other, etc, etc ... Status: v1 stable & supported, v2 alpha.


Fail RTFM 74 1

A simple app providing three models: Country, Region and City model. Also provided, a command to insert or update data from geonames database dumps. Status: stable.


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A little javascript and middleware work together to ensure that the user was active during the past X minutes in any tab he has open. Otherwise, display a warning leaving a couple of minutes to show any kind of activity like moving the mouse. Otherwise, logout the user.


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Provide a Document model including a FileField and a custom storage. Uploaded documents live outside of MEDIA_ROOT and must be downloaded through a view that does security checks. Using django-autocomplete-light and django-generic-m2m, allow to attach any object to it.


Pass RTFM 9

A fresh approach to security in Django. Conceptually, a simple rule registry dictionnary to manage callbacks. In addition, allows logging of malicious uses, provide a middleware, a class decorator, rule autodiscovery, templatetags, debug views ... and other features to make it enjoyable. Status: production / stable.


Fun with debugging symbols

2 days, 16 hours ago

This article follows up with Basics of GDB debugging, focus on symbols.

List symbols with nm

Use the ...

GDB debugging basics

4 days, 16 hours ago


GDB is a debugger for executables “objects” on Linux. It will use source code and “debug symbols ...

Strace basics

1 week, 2 days ago

This is the first of a series of articles on security and exploiting. For starters we’ll cover ...

Better manual reader with most: the slang-pager

1 week, 4 days ago

The default pager in most linux distributions is more. But it’s not very colorful. This article presents ...

django-cities-light 2.3.1 released

1 week, 4 days ago

django-cities-light 2.3.1 was released:

  • #42 added FAQ: Some data fail to import or don’t import ...