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DevOps Infrastructure & Network Service

Maintenance in operational condition, continuous automatic network deployment, processors, storage
Our DevOps Services

DevOps theory

The DevOps philosophy promotes the strengthening of teamwork through the sharing of common objectives across the different business lines. It has proven its value in the IT field, breaking down the silos between teams that were previously organised by profession rather than by product:

Dev + Ops + Business = DevOps

Our DevOps Infrastructure & Network service is built on three pillars:

  • Continuous Deployment: “push to deploy”, persistent and ephemeral environments for management reviews (eXtreme DevOps).
  • Monitoring/Alerting: preventing and reacting to operational incidents
  • Backup/Restore: data loss prevention, the 3-2-1 rule
It's a curious thing in our industry: not only do we not learn from our mistakes, but we also don't learn from our successes.
Keith Braithwaite

Small-scale hosting

  • Formalisation of requirements
  • Linux, BSD, cloud, …
  • Monitoring / alerting system & network
  • System & network updates
  • Maintenance in operational condition
  • Application monitoring
  • Application updates
  • Encrypted external backups
  • Backup recovery
  • Support during business hours
  • Packages from €1,000 ex. VAT / year per server
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Continuous deployment

Our Infrastructure & Network team will configure a “continuous deployment” pipeline to activate the “push to deploy” option on your application code: this is also known as Sprint 0.

CI/CD pipeline

This pipeline links the different deployments of your application and automates quality control and backup during the pre-deployment phase of your new versions.

CI/CD pipeline

  • GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, …
  • Formalization of requirements
  • 3 servers included: preprod, production, demo
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Pipeline creation: €2,000
  • Delivery in 8 days
  • Training of your team
  • Pipeline maintenance: €1,000 / month
  • Support during business hours!
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Infrastructure and Network

We offer an alternative to the cost of infrastructure licenses thanks to our expertise in Open Source and UNIX systems.

UNIX is simple, but it takes genius to understand its simplicity.
Dennis Ritchie

“Infrastructure as Code”

We transform any deployment (and enjoy challenges), into a reproducible and automatic deployment, persistent or ephemeral, for your own applications as well as for your monitoring tools, network, infrastructure, … It’s “Infrastructure as Code”, with “push-to-deploy” and friends, such as “Test-Driven Development”. We also offer contributor-level maintenance on any Open Source software.

You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself.
Ken Thompson

Infrastructure & Network

  • Switch to free software!
  • No more license fees!
  • A network of experts at your service!
  • 1 Project Manager
  • Interview to formalise requirements
  • 1 team of network engineers, as required
  • Business continuity planning
  • Maintenance in operational condition
  • Big Data, databases, routers, VPNs, …
  • Backups 3-2-1
  • 100% made-to-measure
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Our relentless DevOps team offer training and personalised development to make the deployment of patches smoother for your team, an optional on-site managerial report, and, free of charge, the opportunity to lead an internal meeting to convey the mindset of eXtreme Programming & Agile Manifesto in a friendly and fun atmosphere with a local hacker aesthetic.

Beauty is the ultimate defence against complexity.
David Gelernter

Research & development

As practitioners of engineering in constant motion, we optimise the time from local deployment (development) to production (live), including ephemeral branch deployments that make communication within your teams simpler.

Life is too short to run proprietary software.
Bdale Garbee

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