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GitLab Dynamic Environments with Docker-Compose instead of K8S

free pdf & ebook about continuous delivery and devops


Yourlabs playlabs

redhat: new set of container tools

Django & JS research report

nerdocs gdaps

Automate backups and rollbacks during deploy

yourlabs/python container adds security audit tools

Automatic test rewrite for django-dbdiff/django-responsediff/cli2


Optimize ci pipeline

doc development contributing issue workflow

Podman: the next generation of linux container

why you should pay a hacker 10k/year to maintain CI server

DevOps since 2005: a  retrospective


Process controller

clilabs 1.1.1 release

Quote post

Extreme devops

playlabs: 30 seconds overview

PlayLabs: the Obscene Ansible Distribution, long version

Django collectdir

nagare integrated development environment nagare

CHIP: a python's functional implementation of ReactJS

demonstration of our baremetal devops platform

all software sucks

open source software djnext

gitlab web ide screenshot

indietypdjango automated logging

deploying scalable django app on kubernetes

apparently browser testing stack for crudlfa+

dev workflow





django-adapters audit writeup

welcome to the virtual open space

How I failed at documentation driven design

JS TDD in your Django apps

victory on javascript lets build another django

Djangonauts: Say no to selenium drug

GitLab OpenShift: best Continuous Delivery pipeline 2016

French: CD & DevOps & Free Pipeline

django-dbdiff 0.6.0 release

django-responsediff 0.3.0

Automatic fixtures for HTTP Response assertions

Using to test Django applications with LiveServerTestCase

“One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code.”

Surviving django.contrib.staticfiles (or: how to manage static files with django)

Design patterns in Python

Never hardcode absolute paths

Coding standards for Django apps: names

How to override a view from an external Django app

Django, Pinax, virtualenv, setuptools, pip, easy_install and requirements.txt

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