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Arch & Alpine Linux YourLabs Mirrors & Scripts

| by jpic

This articles describes how to use the scripts we use to maintain public and private mirrors for Arch and Alpine Linux packages (more distros to come): and

The whole point of having this is that we also have and on our local networks, as such upgrades are extremely fast at the hackerspace.

All mirrors require an operationnal Traefik instance that you can setup using yourlabs.traefik with:

bigsudo yourlabs.traefik

Example setting up an arch linux mirror::

bigsudo yourlabs.mirror home=/home/arch url=

Alpine linux::

bigsudo yourlabs.mirror home=/home/alpine url=

An uninstall script is also available, it will require the home argument::

bigsudo yourlabs.mirror uninstall home=/home/arch

They trust us