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clilabs: the Python CLI to get things done, with Django support

| by jpic

Sometimes I want to execute a python callback with some args on the command line, but i get frustrated that it always requires to wrap my command in a wrapper of some sort. Then, I want to do generic CRUD operations from the command line in my automation tool. Clilabs unfrustrates me.

Get started:

$ pip install clilabs $ clilabs clilabs automates python callables parametered calls.

Things starting with - will arrive in clilabs.context.


clilabs help your.mod:main
clilabs debug your.mod -a --b --something='to see' how it=parses
clilabs your.mod:funcname with your=args
clilabs help clilabs.django
clilabs clilabs.django:list auth.user
clilabs +django:list auth.user  # also works

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