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How I failed at documentation driven design

| by jpic | best-practice

A small anecdote about one of my most recent failures ! Now it’s up to me to be a better coder next time ;)

When I rewrote django-dynamic-fields into facond, I still had Form/Rule/Action/Conditions from ddf.

When the code got to the point where i was satisfied with it i wrote the tutorial.

This is how I figured this lib had just no need for the “Rule” component.

Hopefuly, both python and js had serious unit test coverage, so I just removed the Rule stuff from Python and JS, changed all function signatures, and kept on fixing stuff until tests passed again. This strikes me: if i had started by writing the tutorial, I would not have wasted my time TDDing a component that I actually didn’t need.

This kind of things would make me look silly in a retrospective right ? hahaha

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