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Upcoming backward compatibility break in django-autocomplete-light v1.1.0

| by jpic

In the next week(s), django-autocomplete-light v 1.1.0 will succeed to v1.0.26. It will include commit 2c756a may be short but it will break your custom Autocomplete classes that generate custom HTML and custom django-autocomplete_light templates.

To upgrade to 1.1.0, please replace all <div> by <span> with class div in your custom Autocomplete classes and autocomplete_light templates. If you have any, examples can be seen in commit d50fd which fixes some tests (thanks continuous integration provided travis !).

Do not upgrade until you are ready to upgrade your custom HTML.

This commit makes autocomplete-light standard-compliant and fixes {{ form.as_p }}. Discussion, investigation, full details can be found in issue #50.

I promised to keep backward compatibility breaks rare and to notify you so that’s it !

Don’t forget to check out the CHANGELOG for version 1.0.26 to see what you might have missed.

There has been more than 4 months and 27 releases in a row without a single BC break.

Thanks to all contributors who reported bugs and enhancement ideas as well as pull requests - you rock !

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